Mangala Snanam Lotus (Display)

Lotus Mangala Snanam 1

Lotus Mangala Snanam 2

Lotus Uyyala Mangala Snanam

Hamsa Uyyala Mangala Snanam

Mangala Snanam Maharaja Chair

Maharaja Mangala Snanam

Bahubali Mangala Snanam

Mangala Snanam Concept 1

Mangala Snanam Concept 2

Background Decoration

Background Decoration 1

Background Decoration 2

Background Decoration 3

Background Decoration 4


Rangoli 1

Rangoli 2

Rangoli 3

Rangoli 4

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Mangala Snanam

The bride and the groom are required to take an auspicious bath on the marriage day. The aim is to purify them and make them perform sacred rites. This bath is called Abhyangana Snanam.
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